Beiens® My Quiet Book - Rabbit

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Enlightenment Early Education 3D Cloth Book

Age Range: Above 18 months

Material: 100% Polyester Fibre

Weight: 0.16kg

Length: 27cm; Width: 17.5cm; Height: 3cm

Notice: Handwash at Room Temperature; NO Dry Cleaning

Feature: Hand-Sewing; Durable

Customer Reviews

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Ting Su
Cute book, Misunderstood images

Like many reviews I read prior to buying, people generally enjoy the book, with the biggest criticism being the bedtime story images. I also thought the imagery of a seemingly dead rabbit, hunter and tree stump was weird. However when my wife (from Taiwan) first saw the image, it meant something differently to her as the image portrays an old Chinese idiom/proverb, which typically are 4 words/characters that tell a story or gives some life lesson. In this case the idiom is 守株待兔 (directly translated as "watching a tree stump waiting for rabbits"). The idiom's meaning is : “To wait idly for opportunities” or “To trust in chance rather than show initiative”. Basically the story's message is one of taking initiative and being proactive to get the things you want and not just wait around on the chance that something will happen for you, or that someone will come along and give you what you need. Generally a good message and is something taught regularly to kids from Chinese speaking cultures. (Google it for more context)The third bedtime story picture is probably a take on the Big Bad Wolf. So while I understand the initial strangeness of seeing the bedtime story pictures, just remember that the product was made in China, so these are just images of a Chinese "fairytale." When you think about it, the fairytales we read as kids in America are all a bit scary on the surface (Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the beanstalk, Goldilocks, Little red Riding Hood, etc.)Overall my baby likes the book and helps little ones understand the importance of our daily routines.

Good book

Smaller than what I expected other than that my son loves it everything else works good all the pieces were there reminds me more of a doll dress up game

Amazon Customer
Super cute for quiet places

Love this as a church toy to keep my son entertained quietly!

My Quiet Book - Rabbit

Love it - exceeded expectations.

Amazon Customer
16-month-old loves it

toddler loves to interact with this book. it also sets a good example for her nightly routine. very cute