Story Of Beiens

Beiens established in Shenzhen, China in 2012, Beiens is the first technology company in China's maternal and infant industry that integrates high-quality supply chain based on big data and based on Internet technology to create a maternal and infant business ecosystem in the Internet era.

Guided by market demand, Beiens continuously develops new baby care products, enriches the company's baby care product line, expands the product user group, and always aims to "become a professional brand in the field of baby care".

Beiens has now become one of the main brands in China's maternal and infant industry. In 2015, the single sales volume of Beiens exceeded 10 million YUAN, and Beiens was listed on China's New OTC Market in 2016 with the stock symbol of 836818. In 2017, Beiens established a brand management center dedicated to independent product research and development. The turnover for Beiens in 2020 is over 300 million, Beiens is growing faster and become the best choice for young parents and babies around the world.

Beiens World is a worldwide platform created by Beiens to expand the international market. Beiens World  aims to provide the best services and products to mom and dad around the world, and give babies around the world a gift from Beiens.