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What makes a toy developmentally appropriate?


Below are some ideas for choosing developmental toys for infants that will challenge our child and nurture her overall cognitive, physical, language and social/emotional development. Toddlers love to take apart, put back together, pull out, put in, add on, and build up. Toys should be “open-ended” in the sense that your child can play many different games with them. Open-ended toys benefit our child’s imagination and help them develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

Some are – Blocks, Nesting blocks, Toys for sand and water play, which one can easily find in Beiens World.

We should find best toys for newborns that will grow with our child. Look for toys that will have different uses and be fun in different ways at various developmental stages like - Plastic animals, Action figures, Toddler-friendly dollhouse, Trains and dump trucks, Stuffed animals and dolls, Blocks etc.

Select toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving. Toys that give our child a chance to figure something out on his or her own—or with a little scaffolding from us—build logical thinking skills and will help our child become a better problem-solver. We should look for toys that spark our child’s imagination. Your child’s creativity is blooming. Pretend play builds language and literacy skills, problem-solving skills and the ability to sequence. We should provide toys for nurturing literacy. Look for things to help our child develop early writing and reading skills. We should select toys that encourage our child to be active. We must look for toys like finger brush for baby teeth that help our child practice gross motor development like balls of different shapes and sizes or silk scarves or tricycles or age-appropriate scooters or pull-toys (e.g., toys that your child can pull on a string) or wagon or gardening tools to dig and rake with (in sand or dirt at the park).




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